Review: Cross-Platform Controller Adapters Review! Switch, PS4, Xbox, PC !

Using your PS4 controller on the Nintendo Switch? Want to hook up your Xbox One controller to a PS4? Connect a keyboard and mouse to your Xbox? With these 3 adapters everything is possible! Dust off your Nintendo Gamecube and Wii classic controllers and breath new life into your Nintendo Switch! Looking for a gift for the Holidays? Well, look no further and strap yourself in, sit back and relax and let me know in the comments section what you think of them and if you are planning on picking any of them up!



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  • Good price-points;
  • Solid working function buttons;
  • Easy and effective use of the adapters;
  • Turbo feature;
  • Wired and wireless options;
  • Packed with required cables (if any);
  • Aesthetically appealing;
  • Solid packaging.


  • Not all adapters work with every system;
  • 3 adapters are required to make use of all the listed control schemes;
  • Keyboard and mouse adapter comes with a short USB cable;
  • No included USB-A –> USB-C convertor plug.

More Nintendo Switch accessories reviews coming soon, stay tuned!

JYS Homepage

JYS Wireless Gamecube & Wii Classic Controller Adapter:

JYS Wireless/Wired Controller Adapter:

JYS Keyboard and Mouse Adapter:
Orzly Homepage:

Orzly Retropad NES Controller:


Kindly note that review samples were provided by JYS, developer and manufacturer of the JYS controller adapters for the Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS3, Xbox One and PC.

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